Community & Indian Military
  • Veergatha provides a platform for interaction among military families, volunteers, general public, media and crowd funders ,
  • Setting up of events sensitizing  the masses to support the families of  military colonials.
  • We  create volunteer community from all the strata of society, non-profitable collaborations, corporate presence and government tie-ups
  • To act as a support system for gateway to cottage industry to uplift their lifestyles by creating self employment opportunities.
  • We strive to develop systems providing skill development courses to empower the families with employability.
  • We are allocating the  stories from borders, sketching stance of the military lifestyle, and experiences of soldiers, their loved ones.
  • Our services are planting a domain,  healthy circle of volunteers working together towards the common goal of raising inner support.
  • Here we accommodate a mutual, and an accessible two-way platform which analyze’s the varied government policies and legal consent available for the benefits of military community by providing an effective design strategy.
  • We design caregiving systems to the needy families, old age military  veterans and senior family members.
  • We arrange seminars and counselling sessions for formal educational development of the children of family members.