Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I become a member of Veergatha community?

As an aspirant willing to support the cause, you can offer your services at Veergatha by simply filling out a form and registering with us on our website. Thereafter, you will be verified and your membership will be approved by the moderating team before you can join as a fellow volunteer. The entire process is entirely free of cost and may take a while.

To ensure information credibility and authenticity, Veergatha follows a strict set of guidelines before approving each member.


  • Is this service free of cost?

Yes, this service is absolutely free of cost. You can register with us on our website by simply filling up the form available. Further you will be verified and your membership will be approved by the moderating team. Only after ensuring the credibility and verification,  you will be able to become a part of the volunteer community.


  • How do I go about the donation process?

Follow the link mentioned above, under the header ‘ Donation process’. We do not accept any kind of donations but we do provide an accessible gateway to several government websites supporting the cause.

  • How can I contact Veergatha?

You can mail us, ping us or simply drop a message on our official website. You can reach us at Alternatively, you can call us on . We would love to hear from you!

  • As a person belonging to the military community, how do I avail of the benefits of the services being offered by Veergatha?

You have to register yourself as a member on Veergatha to avail of the various services offered by out community. While we, at Veergatha, take no responsibility of the monetary assistance, we do offer a variety of support benefits initiated to make life a little easier for those standing tall on the other side of the border.  


  • Who moderates the content of this website?

A moderating team has been allotted which will constantly work towards verifying the content posted and ensures absolute absence of absurdity and abuse.


  • Where do I report abuse, instances of vulgarity and in-authenticity on the website?

We have a specific section for report abuse. You can click on the drop down option if you come across instances of vulgarity and absurdity.


  • Do members have the flexibility to post a report/essay and/or start a discussion?

Yes, they  have the freedom to do so. But the moderating team has the right to remove /edit or make the necessary changes if the content is  absurd/abusive in any way.

  • Is the content available on the website authentic and factual?

The members registered with us are  verified but we do not take any further kind of responsibility for the content posted by them. Although we do have a moderating team which makes sure that the content is not offensive or abusive in any way.  


  • On what basis is the membership granted or removed?

Follow up with the membership policy mentioned above. You can simply register by filling out a form. Further your membership will be verified and granted accordingly.