Veer Gatha is a voluntary service for the Indian military community, provided through an integrated platform, that brings together different work sections of the society by forming support groups and promoting open discussions on subjects conformi

It relies on community engagements, non-profit collaborations, advertising, events, services, personal experiences and anecdotes to form a consistent support system for the bravehearts and their families while sensitizing the general public towards the cause.


Indian military is the team of defenders made for the security of nation. Indian defence consists of three professional uniformed services: The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. They are specialized team made for protecting the civilians from various terror attacks and they also maintain peace and security within Indian borders. The Indian military also conducts rescue operations during natural disasters and calamities.

A requirement of a national level common platform is realized after various interactions with several communities and people across the nation. Envisioning the needs inspired by real-life situations led to Initiating a force of action for imbibing a 360 degree perspective of support system to military people, their dependents and families.